What We Do

We talk to people who love your brand, and people who don't. We ask the right questions get to the heart of consumer and business behavior. We do deep dives into the data, helping to determine what's working and what isn't.

Our methodological toolkit includes the best practices of qualitative, quantitative, and hybrid methods to develop the clarity you need to answer your most important business questions. We have more tools in our bag than just a hammer so not every problem looks like a nail to us. We continually attend and present at industry and academic conferences to keep our knowledge of new methods sharp.

We provide you with clear, actionable, and easy-to-digest reports. You get analysis, synthesis, and more that is tailored to your team's needs and expectations, streamlining the process of integrating our findings into your business plan. In short, we craft a story around the business questions you ask us to investigate

Qualitative Methods

Our qualitative toolbox spans the gamut of tried-and-true methods, and those that are just beginning to break the surface. Some of these include:

  • Contextual inquiry and ethnographic techniques
  • Focus group moderation
  • In-depth interviewing
  • Friendship pairs and parent-child dyads/triads
  • End user/usability assessments
  • Retail shop-alongs
  • Eye-tracking

Cognito has individual moderators with multiple decades of experience, who bring not just their moderating skills to the table, but a wealth of industry expertise as well.

Our project management and on-site skills are likewise second-to-none.

Quantitative Methods

We have a full suite of quantitative methodologies at your disposal to help answer those business questions that require more data. We design all surveys from the ground up in direct consultation with you, and we have reliable sample and programming partners who are capable of recruiting and fielding phone, online, mobile and multi-modal surveys.

Through all of this we make it easy for you to get to know us. Just call or write. We'll talk about your research needs and ways that we can answer your business questions.